About Us

Hendricks Company was created in December 2009 and in 2013 emerged as an independent accounting practice.

The President and Founder, Marjorie Hendricks, spent over 16 years with a boutique CPA firm patiently learning, observing, growing and waiting to launch her own firm with her own vision of what a CPA firm looks like in the eyes of a client.

Hendricks Company CPAs offer strategic and proactive tax planning outside of the box. We spend a lot of time with clients listening to their untold stories carefully guiding them to describe their business journey:

  • the path they have traveled,
  • the path they are on, and
  • the path they have yet to discover.

We then take their story and use it as a foundation for the future as we guide our clients through the various paths in the most tax efficient manner.

With your personal stories and our guidance,
we can protect your today and tomorrow.

Our firm offers several types of critical accounting services including:
  • efficient tax planning,
  • tax compliance,
  • resolution of tax controversies,
  • financial statement compilations and
  • reviews,

We also provide overall accounting related services such as assistance with financial reporting and tracking daily activity.

In addition to our core tax and accounting services, we also provide guidance regarding:

  • choice of entity structure,
  • retirement plan funding, and
  • cash flow management.

We offer tax compliance in all areas including individuals, corporations, partnerships trusts and estates including multi-states.

Tax compliance is a reflection of our emphasis on
planning first, acting second.

Our clients represent many walks of life, both big and small, all in search of one goal – being intentionally more tax efficient. Our clients are represented in the areas of real estate investors and developers, entrepreneurs, service providers, entertainment talent and executives and medical professionals.

Anyone interested in working with a CPA firm that is a strategic, proactive planner and who’s compliance is a reflection of their planning, is an ideal client for Hendricks Company CPAs.

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